Fall project models

Here are some teacher models for some of our fall projects. Of course, I don’t do models for every project, but visual learners often feel more comfortable with visual directions rather than auditory to achieve an objective (duh).

The first and second grade pumpkin patch was, first step, a lesson in horizon line and filling the page, with a fun trick of masking in watercolor thrown in. That was like magic for them, with all sorts of oohs and aahs when they pulled off their “moon” circles! The second step was a lesson in perspective through size and placement, and defining foreground, midground and background. Here we added the pumpkins and the fence. Lastly we read my new fav picture book, The Scarecrow’s Dance by Jane Yolen, and created a collage scarecrow to guard our pumpkins.

pumpkin patch 1-2

Kindergarten is doing a much simpler scarecrow collage.

Next week third and fourth grade begin this glue “batik” pumpkin as a lesson in value. They already drew their pumpkins from observation, and their sketches are posted on Artsonia. Tracing them in glue is the next step!

value pumpkin 3-4


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