Happy Reformation Day!

I want to be reformed. In the sense that I want to be made more like Christ. I have a tendency to get real lazy and stagnate in my current iteration. But if there is one thing I have learned in the past 45 years, it is that what doesn’t grow, decays. I really do want to be relevant to God and His purposes, though, and that is what I am looking at in me right now. Am I willing to make ANY change God asks of me? Am I willing to make any effort God asks of me? I hope so. I pray God would make me able. One thing I am examining in light of reformation is art. I approach each class prayerfully, and I know that is necessary. But what else can I do? Can this have outreach uses, ministry uses? Am I really helping God show each child their precious value even now?

And completely unrelated, I think I am finished with my koi. I keep looking at it and considering the addition of one more leaf group at the top. It still feels a little unbalanced to me. I’m also considering darkening my leaf shadows. We’ll see; no one says I can’t start it up again!


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