Kinders are All Over Simple

I want the Kinders to do a cardinal picture for their Christmas/winter art. I had seen several pieces of kid-art with this theme that I liked, and cardinals are so cheery and such a fun shape. I started creating a model and realized not even halfway through that it would be a 2-lesson project, and a challenging one at that. I really do try to keep most of my Kinders’ projects at one lesson, because they have trouble quitting partway and then waiting a whole week to see it again. PLUS, they would have a 2 week wait at this point on the schedule. (The scarecrow was really two related, but discrete, lessons.)  I finished the model, and then started one that would be just the head of the cardinal, to see if I could make it a single lesson. This is the result, in oil pastel and watercolor resist, with hole-punched snowflakes on the cardinal itself. (I thought I saw a lesson like this somewhere, but now I can’t find it online.)  I am pretty sure we can do this in 30 minutes. And it will be an easier piece to focus on straight and curved lines with.

Just as a comparison, the other cardinal picture is also included. I would still like to do this with an older group this winter; maybe 1st and 2nd, as we could take two 40 minute classes.

more complex cardinal


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