My bad…but no fix now.

Today the third and fourth graders finished their value pumpkins. Darn. When they were done it was evident that they didn’t understand the direction “trace your glue lines first.” They were supposed to follow the OUTLINES of glue with their Sharpies, but most of them drew OVER the glue lines. Not the same effect at all. I wish I could have recognized at the time what was off and redirected them, but I didn’t realize until I was examining them after class. Sort of a “hmm…what is wrong with this picture” kind of thing. *sigh* I feel so disappointed that they didn’t understand, and as a result I messed up their art. I mean, it’s ok, but it isn’t the stunning result they would otherwise have had. I never dreamed they would just go over the glue. I had one student out sick, and unfortunately, she will really benefit from my experience. So will the homeschoolers, who start their winter session this Thursday (if the older class makes, that is).

We also glazed our owls. I am thinking THEY are going to turn out really well. I’ll take them to the kiln Friday.


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