Am I Converted?

Well, I’m still not a fan of clay, but I LOVE the results. You have to wait a ridiculous long time to see how a thing turns out, which makes it hard to adjust. But goodness they are beautiful! Our owls are back; our mugs are not. But best of all, the teachers’ Christmas gift birds are back! Imagine my surprise/dismay to find that I didn’t finish glazing one of the birds. How DID that happen?! I am going to try to spray it with clear enamel and see if that helps. I am such a flake!

First, my owl. I am not sure what I want to do with it. I have photos of all the 3rd and 4th graders with their owls, though, and I am going to write a thank you note to the grocery store that donated all the register tape centers that made their eyes and include the pictures. I also belatedly thought that I should have put little hangers in the backs of the owls when they were still wet clay. Also, I really liked the students’ blue-eyed owls, to my surprise. I wish I had given mine blue eyes, or at least black pupils. (Note for future such projects.)

Next the bird ornaments. I am going to get semi-sheer ribbon to thread through the holes and knot for hanging. The love birds are for the 1-2 grade teacher and her para. The star bird is for our kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Starr. 🙂 The cardinal will go to our resident enthusiastic birder, the 3-4 grade teacher. I have plans for each bird. I do think the mottled glaze works much better for owls than little wrens, though. I wish I had made it the plain brown instead. Too late now! See what I mean about waiting too long to find out how a thing will work?

Check out the student pieces in our Artsonia gallery. Theirs are in the Ceramics Gallery (which won’t be up until probably Thanksgiving).


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