Coming up

I haven’t shown my finished mug, so here it is. Although, I have NO idea what to do with it. It reminds me of my best friend’s husband, but I doubt he would want this distorted version of himself. *g* However, distortion was one thing I was teaching in this lesson, so it’s actually a good thing! LOL!

Little Al

Monday I finish the Warhol-style Lincoln portraits with the 7th graders. I need to post my model here. I think they are doing GREAT! Tuesday the 5th-7th grades begin this Byzantine-style Madonna and Child icon. I am doing it on that heavy cardboard/chipboard that backs bound art paper notebooks, since so much of the painting of the period was tempera on wood. The goal is for them to show the flat, elongated style of the time, tilted heads and expressionless faces. And, of course, gold halos. If I have time, next Tuesday when they finish I will read Clown of God to them, too.

Byzantine-style Madonna and Child

Thursday I get my homeschoolers back. They will do the cardinals the Faith kinders have already done, and the tints and shades background for the silhouettes next week, thanks to That Artist Woman ( My model is in a Nov. 28 blogpost.  The Faith kinders are doing a stacked layer-cake collage in honor of their teacher’s birthday. First and Second grades begin the colorwheel clown the homeschoolers have already done (a Deep Space Sparkle lesson!).

Now I just wait to see how my best-laid plans will go awry. LOL!


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  1. Sherry

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Check out Jessica’s FB pics of her fondant cake for Al’s birthday in August.

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