I Can Dream, Can’t I?

I have a dream. In my dream, art is at my fingertips, anytime I want to take 15 or 20 minutes to work on something. All my supplies are easily accessible, and clean-up doesn’t mean putting EVERYthing away.


Reality is this little corner in my dining room a little more than 3 feet wide. I’m grateful for even it, really! And most of my supplies are on (or near, or at least piled in the vicinity of) a 3-shelf bookcase in the basement. I have room to set up a space down there, but I can’t seem to work in a hole without outside views or real lighting. So I cart stuff up here to the dining room table. The little 3-foot desk space houses papers and notebooks, pens and brushes, my watercolor box, some files, a book or two. And a natural light lamp. The result of my reality?


I put off digging things out to paint, even my class models. And in order to access the dining room table for meals, I have to put it ALL back again. This means I need a CHUNK of time in my day in order to create. I’m sure everyone has as much trouble finding time in whole chunks as I do, so it should come as no surprise that I struggle to fit in my art. Unfortunately, it is now also my job. Well, more like fortunately, as I absolutely love doing this. Still, principle remains: MUST fit it in now somehow.

Which is where my dream comes in: a little studio space with a cabinet with doors for supplies, and a desk AND separate workspace, and awesome windows, and easy access to a sink, and washable floors (currently carpet; WHO chooses carpet for a dining area?!). Even a permanent set-up for the sewing machine! After all, I AM dreaming. Give me half of this plan, a small sink, and a nice slanted drafting table and I am in heaven.

I can’t help wondering, where do other art teachers who don’t have a room, just a cart, work?


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