If Warhol Admired Character

or godliness. Or possibly anything but popularity, this might have been his subject. But I’m betting he would have gone for Clinton. And DEFinitely Obama. The why’s of our subject choice are briefly shared on the 7th graders’ Warhol gallery on Artsonia (link to the right here), but a thorough reading of the Thanksgiving Proclamation Lincoln gave gives a better understanding. My model:

Lincoln Warhol-style

It’s a lousy photo for some reason. Anyway, goals of the lesson: practice finding contour in a photo, finding and showing value using charcoals, and demonstrating an understanding of monochrome, complementary colors, and analagous colors.

Today was also the Kinder teacher’s birthday, so here is my model of the Kinders’ birthday cake they’ll do tomorrow. Goals of the lesson: review primary colors, use graduated sizes, practice cutting curves, and use various specific lines to create a design.

birthday cake model


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