Hey, wait for me…!

I have two weeks left in this grading period, and I feel sooooo behind!! Argh!! I am finishing up the 7th grade quarter quiz and study guide. I’ll give it to them Monday, we’ll go over it Tuesday, they can study Wednesday, and Thursday take the quiz. We’ll go over the rubric for their Warhols on Tuesday, too. Everybody must finish their Madonna and Child Tuesday, but 5th and 6th need to finish their celestial sun/moons, too, or else we won’t get to Free Art the next week! They must make their Artist’s Choice for the end of year show that last day, too.


Ok, 3rd-4th draws their wise men and adds the blue value study inside that card, then does the Sharpie part of the poinsettia card. Do-able, I think. That will leave stenciling the baby in a manger for the wise men card on Free Art day, as well as making their Artist’s Choice. It’s tight. (Hmm. Just realized I haven’t posted those models.)

1st-2nd finishes their clowns. No problem! They have already made their Artist’s Choice, so their Free Art day is all Free. Kinders make their poinsettia (darn! need to make that model this weekend!) this Thursday, but they have to pick Artist’s Choice, too.

Then, by next Friday, I need to have compiled everyone’s remaining portfolios, transferred grades to the backs of the artwork, and handed them out to go home. I am 2/3 through 1st-2nd. Can’t do anyone else’s until they pick their art show pieces.

Why is December so craaazzy?!


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