Creative Christmas (Family , don’t read ;-)

Amazing how the lack of cash feeds creativity. Or at least, I’m certainly hoping so. I have four kids, and a husband, two little nieces and a high school nephew. Maybe if we reread the Ingall’s family Christmas stories we’ll be more thankful for the gifts we get?

I’m cooking a hefty portion of my kids’ Christmas gifts. That’s cheap and comes out of the grocery budget. I know my 11 year-old boy will be thrilled to get anything edible. My daughter living at college will likely be thrilled to have homemade snack foods that store well at school. And my oldest son will enjoy the nostalgia of Mom’s cooking. So I just have to hope for food the younger daughter will enjoy. She gets excited over a box of Froot Loops, though, so who knows.

I always give bookmarks in stockings, so this year they can just be mine. And my husband has MORE than hinted that he wants actual art. This is sooo much harder than he knows, though! This means coming up with art IDEAS, and then making time to create them.

I had thought I would make some fleece blankets that matched each kid, but those Chinese can make them cheaper than I can, just in solid colors and generic prints. I can’t afford it. Humph.

I guess I am most thankful for the fact that the gift-giving is one of the least important aspects of the holiday for our family. We love our Advent worship time each week. We love being together, and baking cookies and candies, and praying for those who send us cards. We usually feed our feathered neighbors something rich and decorative for the season. And although we don’t put up many lights ourselves, we love cruising around seeing others’. Several years we even made awards for our favorite displays! We have a lot of fun, and our focus is truly on the celebration of our Savior, so I really need to get over the uber-low-budget gift-giving this year.

Merry Simple Christmas-season, y’all!


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