We’re making progress

I’m halfway through the week, and I get to examine how the Tuesday lessons went, in light of my concern that I had bitten off more than the kids could chew. Biggest surprise of the day: after having the 7th graders examine their Warhols with their rubrics and color wheels in hand, the two students who had left out a color scheme DID NOT FIND IT. This leaves me with the dilemma of “do I grade it as is, or do I guide them to see their omission?” This IS their first year of formal art. They may be 7th graders, but they never heard of analagous colors before last month. In fact, they had never been introduced to a tertiary color wheel. I am inclined to make sure they find their omission and, with me, come up with a suitable correction, than consider it laziness and give them the grade. Everything else about these Warhols are fabulous, I think! The challenge then is the time: ARGH!

Everyone finished the Byzantine Madonnas. Most of the kids did pretty well, and a few did astoundingly. To me, anyway. I wish elementary had a mark for Exceeds Criteria. Can you believe the best I can give an outstanding work is an S+? I can hardly wait for them to come up on Artsonia! (link to the right)

Not surprisingly, but nonetheless disappointingly, the third and fourth grade Christmas cards will need to be abbreviated. They finished their value poinsettias, and all but one improved GREATLY in finding values of a color. Their little shape wise men were really good, too! Unfortunately, that card will only get the front cover tint and shade exercise. At the beginning of free art next week we can stencil the baby Jesus inside, just no cool glowing halo behind.

I still need to finish my own poinsettia card (I only did the model halfway so I could walk through parts actively with the kids). But here is the wise men tints and shades card:

inside reads “Still Seek Him”

Definitely check out the kids’ wise men! Their only problems were when the shades got too dark.


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