Another Model

And have I mentioned that I LOVE the Christmas season? I have lots of ideas for art of my own, but can’t seem to sit down and get it done. Hope springs eternal, though.

This is the model for the poinsettia card the third and fourth grade class did, as described earlier. (I wish I could take sharper photos.) Their results in the lesson were much improved as far as finding changes in value, but it showed me we need more practice with watercolor as a medium. Some of them aren’t really grasping my mantra of “watercolor needs WATER.” They seek a tempera-like opaqueness and lay on a ton of pigment, and because they use plenty of water to do so, they think they are following my call. I’ll be thinking on how best to do this. Maybe a project that tackles the same simple subject in tempera, watercolor, AND acrylic, to get a feel for all three paints and their differences. Hmm.

A Christmas card for an unnamed someone


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