Delicious Art Lessons

The projects inspired by Theibaud are underway. The kids were positively salivating!  This is the oil pastel cake model for 3rd-4th grades:

Thiebaud-style cake

One goal is to create a cylinder with a foreshortened circle.

The 5th and 6th grades are studying tints and shades with an ice cream soda. They didn’t even get to painting the backgound, but I am please so far with their use of symmetry and and their foreshortened circles.

They will be learning to use texture with acrylic paint, including degrees of impasto. After doing mine, I decided I will have them paint part of the background with no gel additive, for comparison. I am thinking I should have made the shadow more black, in keeping with Theibaud.  I may still. I don’t have the pie the 7th grade is painting, because I have only painted the background so far. I wanted the students to be able to see how it should look mid-process.


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