Pop Dog

Next project for first through fourth grades: George Rodrigue’s Blue Dog and thought and feeling expressed through art. The lesson is inspired by Rodrigue’s book Why Is Blue Dog Blue? I think this lesson will generate a LOT of smiles.

Model for first and second grades

In real life, my dog is more a lime green with a true lemon background. He shows that I am thinking about spring and daffodils, and it shows my hopefulness.

model for third and fourth grades

This one is similar to one in Rodrigue’s book. His dog at the beach was tan. Mine is kind of pink. I am fair-skinned and do not tan. 🙂 Actually, this berry pink is for me a joyful color. I LOVE the ocean! I am looking forward to seeing how the students choose to express their thoughts and feelings through color. I also hope to see some value changes in the older students’ dogs.

Actual lessons for the week: due to the snow day, all of fifth and sixth grade (and one seventh grader who was absent) have the whole painting segment of their Theibaud dessert left. The remaining seventh graders need only to finish their plates and dramatic shading. I intend to have them work on shading and highlighting geometric forms for their remaining time. Juggling two groups in a single time doing essentially two different lessons is rather challenging; I’m not really looking forward to that aspect. Third and fourth will finish their oil pastel Theibauds and start their Blue Dogs. Thursday first and second grades will start Blue Dog also, and Kinders will begin a torn paper owl. I am thinking maybe I should begin that model myself! Homeschoolers will meet some post-Impressionists and create their own “Starry Night.” Should be fun!


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