Teaching Models for January

This was a full and rewarding teaching week (partly evidenced by an empty week of blogging, having to wait until a weekend morning to write!). Fifth grades and up worked on a snowman I found at For the Love of Art that really excited me for having the potential to introduce so many concepts for creating space. The snowmen were a hit with the students, and in a single class period served as a pretest for which concepts need the most work in future for these kids who are just seeing some of these concepts for the first time. We also don’t work with colored pencils very often, so I was glad for a chance to reinforce how to get the most out of them!

snowman model

Kinders finished their torn paper owls, mostly. A few are just SNAILS with anything with glue. Unfortunately, my owl model flew the coop, TWICE. The first time I lost it, it had blown away without my noticing, and I found it against the school’s fence. This time, I have no idea where it is. Put somewhere for safekeeping, no doubt.

Homeschoolers have moved on to Post Impressionists and created their own Van Gogh Starry Nights using oil pastels. They also did a little pointillistic flower. We walked through this study of his most popular work together, and here is my result:

My students’ studies can be found on their Artsonia, linked at right.

February should see the completion of all the Blue Dogs at the school, which have been as big a hit as I could have hoped for. It has also spurred some creative variations, which I have loved! Snow globes will be their next project. The homeschoolers will move on to the penguins the first and second graders were so successful with earlier this month. Fifth-seventh grades will learn how to polish an artwork using their Thiebauds, and then try Laurel Burch-inspired abstract cats.


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