Professional Self-Development

Otherwise known as “learning new stuff.”  I picked up a book on painting Chinese brush animals. They looked amazing, and clean and simple. I’ve never done any Chinese brush painting, but these made me want to learn. Plus, if they prove simple enough, I can teach some classes next year when we do art around the world. So far, it is more challenging than it looks, but I am using a new type of brush that I am unaccustomed to, as well. I am going to try some more with my own watercolor brushes and see if that gives me more control. First ever study in Chinese brush painting:

I am also trying to improve my shading and highlighting skills, especially before sitting down this week with the fifth grades and up to help them with theirs! I have really enjoyed my new set of acrylic paints given me by my friend Sherry. I think of her everytime I squeeze a tube!

First, a glass bottle:

And then a mug. The mug is very much a work in progress. I haven’t decided what color to make the background, but I am leaning toward blue. And I am dissatisfied with my handle. I also realized that I started with too strong a color for my shadows, but I’ll know better next time. Hopefully, seeing it photographed and on the computer screen, I will be better able to see what and how to fix it.


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