Snow Day Painting Practice

I finished my mug! It’s probably a bit overworked, but I am pretty much satisfied. After all, it’s only a mug.

completed mug

I am pretty happy with the coneflower and butterfly, too. Although the lighting in the photos is all hinky; I like the originals better.


And then I tried to play with my Christmas gift from my younger son. I soon realized I have no idea how to use watercolor pencils. Looks like a visit to YouTube is in order.

Next I’ll start the beef tips simmering, and Teddy asked if we could make a pumpkin roll. Maybe just pumpkin bread with cream cheese frosting. MUCH easier!



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2 responses to “Snow Day Painting Practice

  1. Myriah

    Awwww…Last part made me pretty homesick. 😛

  2. Myriah

    I think they misunderstood my smiley face… o.O

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