February Lingers Into March

For some reason most of my February lessons seem to be hanging around into March. I thought I would be done with these, but the kids showed me differently. We are currently wrapping up first and second grade still life collages:

model for bowl of grapes

Some of the grapes still have no highlights or shadows, because I have yet to demonstrate this to the class (will do Thursday), and this is my demo piece, after all. I hope they see how magically their grapes become 3D! We have stickers to help them remember the direction of their light source, but I know this will be challenging. This project will be accompanied by a very little lesson on John 15:5.

Kindergarten will finish their springtime snowshoe hare collage:

spring showshoe

The primary goal of this project is really to practice cutting curves, which is another goal on the above older classes’ grapes as well. They also practice overlapping, which so far has only partially been successful. But that is what practice is for, right?

And yesterday we had another day of illuminated manuscripts in fifth and sixth grades (which I think will finish up next week), and abstract landscapes of the Flint Hills in third and fourth grades, which are sooooo close to being finished! My demo included some “mistakes” to help the children see the importance of stroke direction with their oil pastels. It originally had some hills left blank as well, so I could demo how to get the light effect of the waving brown grasses.

Flint Hills demo

Seventh grade began their watercolor landscapes of the Flint Hills two weeks ago. They have very little experience with watercolor, or landscape for that matter, so we are taking it very slowly, small steps at a time. I expect to finish toward the end of March.


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