Celebrate with Cupcakes

My younger daughter turned seventeen last month, and she has a thing for cupcakes. She would much rather have a fancy cupcake than a whole fancy cake. She asked for snickerdoodle cupcakes, and I went in search of a recipe I thought I would like, and it was DElish! The only drawback was the uber-fluffy cinnamon frosting–it made decorating a real challenge compared with a buttercream. It was worth it for taste, though. We are revisiting these cupcakes for my husband’s birthday TODAY. My best friend and sweetie is FORTY-SEVEN. Congratulations, Love! I promise not to make your frosting pink.

Katie's 17th cupcakes



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4 responses to “Celebrate with Cupcakes

  1. I just did a search for blogs about “family” and this picture came up. They look so yummy and cute. I forgot how fun cupcakes are. You have inspired me to bake with my 3yo today. She loves art, so it’s serendipity that I found you. Thank you.

    • 4pam

      Enjoy your baking! I loved cooking with my preschoolers. And now that the kids are all older, they still seem to love to cook. Make happy memories today!

  2. Congratulations with your daughter’s and husband’s birthday and on decorating those cupcakes so well. I also think those PINK CANDLES look great! All the best!

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