Feeding My Creativity

I have really been inspired lately by some of the daily creativity movements and groups. It is so easy to slip into routines and lose our connection with the spark of spontaneous invention, the “new” vision of our surroundings, that our Creator just delights in sharing with us. Even as we are inspired seeing our world anew through the fresh eyes of our children, I believe our Father is glorified when He draws us into that fresh vision of His creation as well. I don’t want life to wear me into a rut!

So anyway, following in part the monthly themes of Leah’s Creative Every Day, and in part Danny Gregory’s Every Day Matters challenge, inspired by the faithful sketching of Sue at A creative place to be, I got sketchbooks for me and Stoney. Stoney started with the lamp, which is EDM’s challenge #2. I took his light theme and sketched our wedding candle. Our 25th anniversary is this May, and this reason for celebration is much on my mind! I can hardly believe how blessed I have been! This rough candle has our wedding invitation embedded in it. It made me feel all glow-y inside to light it and watch how it glowed through. What a fun start! And I am glad to have something Stoney and I can enjoy doing together.

watercolor candle


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