An Apple for the Teacher


         I have issues with color. I really need to discipline myself and do a color chart of my own. It doesn’t help that, as much as I LOVE LOVE color, I am afraid of it myself. I rarely ever use it in the unconventional ways that I love seeing it used.
This apple was, more than anything, an exercise in color for me. I did better! I feel better about it. The biggest things I immediately recognized to fix in the painting are the anemic shadow, and (related) the lack of grounding of the apple. It just isn’t connected enough to the surface. I’ll work on that and post again, but it may be a bit before I have time.
This week: I teach 7th grade Monday. They will add the background washes to their sketches and review the artists they met this quarter in preparation for a quiz later this week. Third through sixth grades have art Tuesday. Older students finish (hopefully) their illuminated manuscripts, but the youngers will finish their abstract landscapes in minutes. However, there are a lot of unfinished projects in that group. I think this makes it the perfect week to start painting their Mondrian-style child-sized picnic table, just a few at a time. UNFORTUNATELY, I still haven’t prepped the table! ARGH! I know what I will HAVE to do tomorrow. Thursday, kindergarten, first and second grades can wrap up unfinished projects and have free art. Easy! Good thing, as I need to get grades in this week.

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