Looking ahead to the rewards…sort of.

I am a glutton for punishment. I see a good idea, and somehow I think, I would love to do that! And God bless my soul, I do. Not that I have time; not that I have ever done such a thing before, and even KNOW what amount of time it might take. But there I am, taking on the fun thing anyway.

Here is a prime example. It will be fun. It is a good cause. Kids and parents alike will LOVE this. But at the moment, it is just a whole lot of uncompensated hard work. Behold two of the four pieces of furniture I am stripping or sanding and painting with a base coat, to be used as art pieces by classrooms of school students.

The future Mondrian-style table begins...

My son lent a hand with the first of three coats of paint, after I sanded this donated table. It seemed a perfect canvas for a Mondrian-style paint treatment, studied by third and fourth grades at the begninning of the year, so their artwork. These pieces will be signed by the class and auctioned in the annual fundraiser next month. My son also tightened the screws and bolts on this little table, but we will need to get several more which have disappeared.

Almost ready for the students.

The little chair in the foreground needs another coat yet (no repair work by me, Praise God!), but it will be the subject of a Jackson Pollock-style treatment by our Kindergarten class. I know they will LOVE action painting, and I will make sure they each get a painting to take home as well.

Spring Break I get to prep two more pieces of furniture. Truly, though, if these pieces bring in high dollars at the auction, it will be worth it! Stay tuned for further develpments. (And I’m counting this as my weekend creativity, since the March theme is nest.)


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