Lincoln, NE, home of…King Kong?

My youngest son and I drove up to Nebraska Friday to attend The Gathering of the Talents at Concordia University the next morning. We stayed in Lincoln, and I am still afraid I missed an amazing opportunity by not eating here for dinner:

That’s right: King Kong Burger. The welcoming family of Kongs was hard to pass up.

And maybe if I ate there, I, too, could have buns like these.

But no, we passed up this cheerful visage to split a catfish plate at Cracker Barrel, where we could browse and wander until our travel-weary behinds had gotten all the kinks worked out. Maybe next time, King Kong Burger!


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One response to “Lincoln, NE, home of…King Kong?

  1. Kris

    I’ve never been to King Kong burger, I love Runza’s burgers myself.
    Lincoln is a neat town and has so much to offer, if you can only stay long enough to enjoy it.

    Kris, we saw Runza’s in Concordia, but it was unfamiliar, so we went to DQ. I wish I had known you would recommend it! I’ll holler next time I’m up that way, and maybe we’ll have better luck connecting! Pam

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