Building Little Artists’ Confidence

So as I mentioned, my son and I attended The Gathering of the Talents in Nebraska this weekend. I had submitted art of over 20 students in this competition. We not only have never competed before, but this is really just our first full year with an art program. Therefore, the learning curve for me has been steep: what will judges look for? how to best mount this art for display? ship it? how to communicate with parents and get them on board?

Now I’ve seen it, guesstimating at least 800 entries, and I am celebrating my fabulous little artists! Every artist would be awarded a ribbon, so I knew it couldn’t hurt. But I hoped and prayed that a number of them would receive better than the basic “good” ribbon. Nothing feeds the fires of inspiration better than a knowledgeable neutral party recognizing your efforts. And having a goal to work toward beyond the Spring Fine Art Show can encourage a better quality work. I know there are some schools of thought that diminish the value of all competition, but I disagree. A fair and balanced atmosphere of gentle competition in an overall environment that recognizes each student for their strengths builds confidence. It also provides a kind of feedback that can improve skills. I was excited to be invited to this arts festival, and now I am delighted to have gone! Some photos of our participants:

Every student received at least a “superior” ribbon! Extraordinary work, Faith artists!



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2 responses to “Building Little Artists’ Confidence

  1. Stoney Smith

    I must say, without any fear of being accused of partiality, that these kids have an AMAZING Art teacher. She consistently gets results from each grade level that far exceed what I thought was possible, except for gifted children. How blessed they are to have a teacher so talented and passionate about growing them as artists, and as children of God.

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