Send in the Clones

(Yes, a new title, which came to me in the dawn of a new day, and I knew it was MINE.)

I have questions, and I’d like some answers…

Like “Why am I itching and spotted? Why does it come and go? Is it something I’m eating? Nothing in particular? Will I find I can never eat food x again? And why is food x now on virtually everything?”

Or “Why is my cat so fat? No matter what diet we put her on?” For that matter, I could ask the same of me. At least I don’t have to lick the small of my back, but unable to reach it, get little mats in its fur. What hair I have, I don’t need to brush, else I become a frizzed-out poodle of a clown-head.

How about “Why do all the cloning scientists keep wasting time with sheep and cows and other livestock? Do they not know that the money is in cloning moms? WHERE IS MY CLONE?!” Seriously, today I had to be at Bible Study, and in a distant town with my daughter to sign papers facilitating her early graduation, and at my elementary son’s field day in a distant town another direction. Really, people? At least I wasn’t teaching art today, although I had hoped to actually create some of my own. I’ve been dying to try capturing in acrylic a daffodil I photographed, having already done a watercolor sketch. I think it would look amazing in acrylic.

I did do my everyweekend creative thing, though. This Saturday, at my son’s DARE celebration at the park, while missing my daughter’s senior picture session, where there was no one to hold her stuff and help her with the photographer. My clone, people? Here is a watercolor pencil of an iris.

Sketchbook iris


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