How Big?

Summer vacation 2009

How big will God choose to be in my summer art? The summer begins in earnest today, the day after Memorial Day, and I haven’t received any contacts regarding the summer art. I had multiple parents ask me please to offer summer art, and so I put together a program and sent out brochures. It will begin in less than three weeks. Younger students will create puppets and a puppet play and perform it at a senior center. Older students will create messy garden art I would never dare try at school.


IF parents follow through and sign up. And the things is, there is potential for a relatively huge response. If God were to make summer art really big, I could finish paying next year’s school tuition by the first day of July. So, knowing the reliability of KidMail, I am printing postcards reminding parents to register. I will address and mail these today. And I will pray and wait to see what God does with summer art.


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