A Quarter of a Century Sounds Old

But I am still delighted to have spent that long married to my best friend, and to get to celebrate belatedly with a trip to Texas. We visited family (especially oldest son) that don’t live in Kansas, shopped at stores that aren’t in Kansas, ate at restaurants (mostly TexMex) that aren’t in Kansas, and we started something we want to do together in our older years: visit art museums together. (We also saw a movie one night and took a long walk in a beautiful, tree-canopied park).

I love Fort Worth. It is a beautiful juxtaposition of the new and old, side by side unapologetically.

Fort Worth

Our museum excursion this time was to the Kimbell in Fort Worth.

The Kimbell on my 25th Anniversary.

The oriental art is pretty amazing, and the Old Masters always draw my respect. But usually, the artists from the 19th and early 20th centuries are the ones that truly excite me. To stand in front of Monet’s Weeping Willow or Cezanne’s Chateau Noir is nothing like looking at a photo of them.  The power of the brush strokes! The texture of the paint: I can almost feel the scene. It rises up to me from the canvas. Stoney kept returning to Friedrich’s Mountain Peak with Drifting Clouds. It is just so other-wordly. There is a life to art “face-to-face.”  The one thing that really impacted me, that I took away and continue to chew on, is that my own painting is so timid, anxious even. I have GOT to loosen up with my art. I just don’t know how…

Next post I’ll take you on our gastronomical tour.


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