Pencil Snapshots

I took stuff to practice my art with while on vacation. I wanted especially to try to capture life and movement in my sketches. Truly hard stuff.  And I want to loosen up my drawing. Some results:

Stoney multitasking.

Penny, heads and tails

The goal here was to capture a figure before it moved too much to continue. I am a SLOW sketcher, and it really limits me. This is especially evident with my in-laws’ dog, who just doesn’t stay in one spot as long as she seems to. I think I have enough info in this sketch to make something for Stoney’s dad, though. A little something. My best sketches are of my husband sleeping (stays still plenty long in that case!), but I can’t share those here. TMI.

I started two sketches that were so interrupted they weren’t worth even trying to finish, so I didn’t include them. And then there was this next one, of essentially a still life, and thank God for non-moving art subjects. I still tried to work as quickly as possible, though, and this time I used my watercolor pencils.

all-pencil cactus

watercolor cactus

I like the vibrancy of the watercolor effect, but I feel like the dry pencil shows the detail, maybe even depth, better. So this is my submission for the last two weeks of Creative Every Weekend.


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  1. Stoney Smith

    Howdy, this is Hank Hill. Care to buy some propane, or propane accessories? Oh wait, I just LOOK like Hank Hill in that sketch. Good thing Hank’s such a like-able guy.

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