So Much Art…

so little time to teach it. In fact, there is a whole WORLD of art, and next year my plan is to go around the world with it. The challenge: introduce the art of other cultures while still getting enough practice with the basics, so that they have skills they can transfer to art of their imagining.

The library’s summer reading program is stories around the world, and I am piggybacking off of the interest generated by that. Well, actually, I had wanted to do this before the library announced their theme, but it truly cemented my plans! Obviously, though, I don’t want to replicate anything the library does, although it is highly unlikely. I don’t do much that is crafty. I am debating whether to introduce two countries’  art or three per quarter. SUCH a struggle! And as impatient as I am to get to the good stuff, I know I need to take some time with expectations and basic procedures at the beginning. Ah well.

One reason I want to look at art around the world this year is to emphasize the creative spark in every human being, as a reflection of our Creator. And how does where God put us influence its expression? And since we are all children of God, what a wonderful opportunity, as we learn about other cultures, to pray for those people as well! A great resource for this is Operation World.

I plan to start with Australia, introducing aboriginal dot-art to the younger hall, and seascapes to the older hall. With so much coastline and the Great Barrier Reef, Australia’s coastlines have to be inspirational to my artists! I know we will move on to Africa from there. African art is so rich in pattern and motif, inspired by the wealth of pattern in nature with which God has gifted them. I am thinking probably line/pattern tortoises with kinders and maybe torn-paper giraffes with first and second. And I would love to do a painted paper and ribbon weaving inspired by kente cloth with the older students. Will I have time for another country? Should I spend more time on prep? I really need to pray about what all I should include this first quarter. I don’t want to rush through the lessons! Good thing I have all summer to prep. Well, some of it, anyway!


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