A Student of the Medium

I have had two paintings in the works for a couple of months. It’s not that they look like a couple of months’ work, but rather that it has been hard to get time, and especially SPACE (what with college daughter #1 moving back in to my studio, er, her room). I’m just really trying to get a better feel for this medium. I know I am working the paint too much, and it tends to give my work a muddy look. This photo also doesn’t seem to capture the colors truly, no matter the lighting. After contemplating “Garden Friend” in photo form, I also think the composition NEEDS another little daffodil. I may try to insert that, but I worry it will never look as light as the others. Also, I realized I left out the cast shadow of the flower stems. So not quite finished.

Garden Friend

The next is an attempt to paint more freely. This was definitely NOT done mechanically. This is my garden as seen from my patio, before the daisies had bloomed. It is “The Volunteer,” because the little lamb’s ear was not planted there by me. It’s not an especially pretty painting, but it was fun. And the medium continues to teach me.

The Volunteer


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