My First Canvas!

I couldn’t manage any art classes this summer, due to either finances, scheduling, or both. So I picked up some books to work through in hopes of filling in some gaps in my skills. Yes, if you learn art from your mother and pick up whatever else you can on your own, you could wind up with gaps. Yesterday I started Acrylics in 10 Steps, by Ian Sidaway. I am an anxious artist, not having retained my artistic confidence from childhood, and whole blank canvasses made my tummy acid boil over. I’ve been painting a lot on canvas paper, which somehow seemed less sacred. But the book prescribed a canvas for its first project, so I obediently picked one up. (It helps that it’s a wee 8×10.)

The unveiling of project #1:


I plan to add text (probably Love: the Spice of Life), and make a gift of it, maybe to my mother-in-law. I just know I don’t need a bunch of little canvasses collecting dust around here.

Lessons learned from this painting:

  • I can paint a single little canvas in a day, but it’s like working a job: it takes ALL day!
  • A wet palette for acrylics is an AMAZING tool and paint saver.
  • Make your background color with a little of your subject color. This was a duh moment for me. I know to incorporate my subject color in my cast shadow, so why would I ever try to make a background color without it? This should actually solve a source of dissatisfaction with some of my paintings.

I am please with this painting, but wish I could be confident that I can translate what I learn to my own compositions as successfully. Time will tell, eh?


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  1. Stoney Smith

    If you have painted a couple of more, you could have titled it “The Five Little Peppers.”
    That’s a literary reference folks. Give me a break!

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