Acrylic #2

Some of the shadows should be darker in this, now that I see it in a photo. And I feel like I could still mess with the garlic. But I am likely done. I’m calling close “good enough.”

Garden Fresh

Lessons learned in the book’s project #2: First of all, they had me painting strictly with the three primaries and white. I learned that I LOVE my raw sienna and burnt umber and yellow ochre. I also learned that I can waste a lot of paint trying to get a brown or beige I like from just primaries. What a pain!

My next project isn’t one from the book. I need to create a demo piece of a pear for my little auction-winning students. (They won two painting lessons for two.) I confess to approaching that with a little more confidence after these two projects.


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One response to “Acrylic #2

  1. Stoney Smith

    This makes me hungry for stew… I think that means you did it right.

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