The Peach Festival

When my daughter dragged me to Texas, it was so she could attend the Parker County Peach Festival. While this is a fun little small town festival, it is also the HOTTEST one of the year. Misting tents and early attendance keep it fun rather than torturous. There is always a variety of entertainment in the shade.

fiddle playing

Even if the clogging, music, or dancing isn’t your thing, pretending it is may be worth the seat out of the intense Texas sun!

"SOOO happy to hear the fiddle, Mom!"

All kinds of crafts and food vendors fill the streets. I bought an espresso cup bird feeder on a stick that I just love, although the birds will have to be content to find only seed in it. I always find somthing to surprise me; this year it would be the booth raising funds to grow awareness of and fight breast cancer with the Tshirt slogan “Squeeze your peaches; save your life.”

Trying to get cool after a festive morning.

Of course there is peach tea, peach lemonade and limeade, peach cobbler (regular and dutch oven), peach ice cream, peach preserves, peach salsa, and, well, peaches. Oh, and Dublin Dr. Pepper! I bought 20 pounds of peaches and have sliced and frozen and refrigerated until I am delightfully sticky, and these won’t last us any time at all. I am thinking I should have bought more!


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