Derailed? Getting back on track.

Yes, I have been quiet lately. Kids were very sick, vacation Bible school filled more than its fair share of space, and for awhile I couldn’t make time to be here. I was derailed.

It is really hard to make this a priority again after so many things legitimately got in the way. Now, even little things serve as an excuse. Today, I should load those dirty dishes over there. I have a book I’ve been reading. And Stoney and I are in the middle of a movie. There are still decorations from my daughter’s graduation reception to take down. But I made myself write this little excuse bit because I need to start back writing SOMEthing. ANYTHING. It’s a discipline, and so you get my fluff piece here as a result.

So, note to self: blog this week about the cupcakes from Katie’s reception, the surprisingly good time at Cowboys and Aliens, and the search for a solution to teaching homeschoolers in a WIDE age range.


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