A Peachy-keen Celebration

Yesterday we celebrated my younger daughter’s graduation. It was quite a milestone! In one sense, it was a long-awaited relief, and in another, very sudden and unexpected. Late in the spring semester of her junior year, she decided to graduate even earlier than her already early December date. If she jumped through hoops 1, 2 and 3 by certain dates, and got all her paperwork in order with the state, she would be able to enter college this fall (missing all financial aid deadlines, unfortunately), beginning her very long post-high school education journey. It has been kind of a stressful few months, but we truly have something worth celebrating!

The reception was designed around her university school colors, yellow and black, and her pre-med goals. I picked yellow and gold zinnias from my garden and grouped them with store-bought white spider mums, and wrapped a stethoscope around the vase. I had also taken a painting she had made for her bedroom which she didn’t care for and painted an EKG screen over it. Yellow and black streamers draped around added to the atmosphere.

We offered pigs in a blanket, 7-layer Mexican dip, and peaches and cream cupcakes, which I found here. The recipe lists light or dark brown sugar, but I wish I had used the dark brown; the cupcake was very mild tasting. It was delicious, but a little too subtle. I think I would add a little more powdered sugar to the brown sugar icing, too. Such a delicate cupcake could have handled a sweeter icing. I look forward to trying again with these adaptations! The cupcakes were topped with hearts and stethoscopes in honor of her aspiring future as a cardiologist, and WSU for her school, in a black glitter gel icing.

Congrats on your exciting new adventure, precious daughter!


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