A Place to Call My Own (part-time)

I’ve been on a cart the last couple of years, but this year, about a week or so before school, I was told I had a room to share with music! How exciting! So now I get to consider how I will use the space not only to keep materials at hand, but to better teach. One way will be to create activity centers for early finishers. I plan to have a sketching basket and a collaborative abstract oil pastel, plus a book basket. I’m thinking of making a fine art jigsaw, too.

I am hanging wires for student art. And I now have a bulletin board and a half, a Smart board, and walls. This is what I’ve come up with so far:

a favorite quote

No longer will students have to pull smocks out of a large bag and then fold them and put them away when they are through (a very spotty practice indeed).


No longer hooking up to teachers’ computers, each entirely unique, to run my Powerpoints.

a place to hook up my OWN computer

And I’ve begun to put together the bulletin board where I will show examples of each region’s art. The only thing about this, is how taxing on my own computer’s ink this will be. At least when I had to keep it all digital, there were few opportunities to suck dry the color wells of my printer. But I have no other sources!



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2 responses to “A Place to Call My Own (part-time)

  1. Kris

    So excited for you! Wish my boy could have you for an art teacher.

    • 4pam

      Thanks, Kris! I bet we’d have fun together, too. If I ever make it up there to visit, I’ll be sure to bring some of my supplies!

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