Torn-paper Giraffe

I’m getting ready to introduce Africa in September, and thankfully don’t have to do a model for Kinders, as they will repeat the always loved line and pattern tortoise. Actually, I would link to that lesson, but find I have NEVER BLOGGED IT! (gasp) Ok, I’ll put one up of that later, with credit to its original author.

This lesson is for my first and second grades. Our focus in Africa for all grades is texture and pattern. To me, apart from the very strong emphasis on form in African art, there is a lot of opportunity to practice texture and pattern. And really, as you look at God’s creation of and in Africa, how could those elements NOT dominate their art? They are so strongly evident throughout Africa! So my students, after some guided observation of texture and pattern in Africa itself, will look for it in African art. Then, with that inspiration, we will take our tempera paints and biggest bristle brushes, with a variety of texture tools, and create a colorful page of texture as a background for our giraffe. I am showing my model as I intend it to end up, but right now my giraffe is just lying on his background so that I can introduce this stage separately from him.

torn-paper giraffe

On our second day, we’ll do a guided line drawing of a giraffe on a yellow construction paper, then cover him in torn-paper spots from brown construction paper, using real giraffe spots as a guide. I want to emphasize craftsmanship with our glueing; we have trouble with this. We will then glue our giraffes to our texture paintings. Mine will extend above the paper, because I liked the way it looks, but they can put their giraffes anywhere they want. This could extend to a third day, depending on how focused my students turn out to be. I had fun with this project, so I hope they do, too!

(Student results on this hallway display.)


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