Sharing the Fun!

Our spring fundraiser auction included a couple of hours painting with me, and I just finished the time with two of my sweet students! With summer fresh on our minds and still reigning in the outdoor temperatures, I chose a juicy watermelon for our painting adventure. It was a great chance to actually to take time I don’t normally have with this age group (second and fourth grades) to walk through the steps involved in an acrylic painting. Come to think of it, my younger students never see acrylic anyway. I hope they had at least as much fun as I had!

happy watermelons with ant visitors

I had already posted my original watermelon, but the other night I had the most fun idea of adding the little ant visitors intot he excess of negative space above the melon! And inspired by my friend who is trying to put more Scripture on her walls (and therefor before her eyes), I added this verse from Proverbs. This cheery little painting really does make me smile!

My Proverbial watermelon


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