Seeing is NOT Believing

I happened upon a post this weekend (at Talk and Politics) that just blew. my. mind. It introduced me to young artist Alexa Meade, a brilliant woman from DC who flips hyper-realistic art on its head. She seeks to take dimension away from her subjects, capturing them on film after representing her interpretation of them in paint. Literally, IN PAINT.

"Transit" by Alexa Meade

Some of her work is here, on her website: It is truly unique, and fascinating to watch. (I found a PBS video of her at work.) You can hardly believe what you are seeing in some of these vignettes! I was kind of startled at how easy it really is to fool your brain into believing it sees what it doesn’t. I am thinking that somehow I am going to find a way to introduce the kids to this very interesting artist, even as I did with Crayon Master Artist Don Marco. Who says you have to grow up?


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