Growing Perseverance

Because that is what the 5th and 6th graders’ Australia project required. It was a scene with an Australian animal done almost entirely in dots. Here they had to visualize their subject and render it pretty much as dotted line, which some of the students struggled with. They could paint with dots; but it really required seeing in dotted LINE in order to be most successful.

Some who got the concept quickly grew tired of such a slow process, and it showed in their workmanship. I really do want to grow their stamina this year. I am meditating on the best way to do that without just frustrating some very active boys. After all, my goals are just one part of art; I also want them to HAVE FUN!

The best of the upper grades in a hallway installation:

Australian-inspired artwork

Third and fourth grade art also includes a hand-stencil signature and pastel line animal. I wrapped up our unit with a quick viewing and discussion of a young artist’s interpretation of Australian creation stories:


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