With or Without?

Saturday I took my 17-year-old and my 12-year-old to Autumn and Art, a small invitational art fair in its second year. It had rained early on, but it was dry, overcast, and muggy by the time we got out there after lunch. I really enjoyed them; I kind of wish I had come alone. I am sure if I had, I would wish I had brought them, because they bring an enthusiasm to enjoying the artists that only they can inject.


My kids posing outside the entrance to the fair.

My youngest made an airdry clay sculpture, too.


It's a lamb with a pacifier and a teddy bear.

But what I couldn’t do with all that youthful energy is linger. Contemplate. Imagine. And there was so much to marvel at!

Cool ideas!


Beautiful colors.


This artist also had similar pendants made into jewelry, and oh how I wanted some!! It was just awful. One was a tiny mouse and a tiny cheese as a dangling earring set. And the cat pin was meowing my name, I am sure. But although I am sure they were worth $60, I can’t come up with $60 for jewelry. I am thinking groceries are my current investments. Sad day.

Ceramic pendants made into wall art.

I love the watering can ATTACHED to the arm of this chair, poised over the attached planter. This is fun!

Garden bench and son.

There were plenty of people in spite of the weather, including a current tornado watch. Or is it warning? Whatever the one without imminent danger is.

Strolling the galleries.

I am still saving my change, so maybe next year I will get to buy my own original. And maybe I’ll go TWICE; once with the kids, and once without.



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2 responses to “With or Without?

  1. kaliesthoughts

    OH sounds fun!

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