The Victorious Struggle for Adorable Turtles

Today was the younger hall at school. I had a plan. I realize it was an ambitious plan. But honestly? My ambitions are often achieved in this school. Today, though, was more about exercising my priorities, which are not always art.

This is a post mostly about my Kinder class. Sure, first and second were uncharacteristically whiny, but these days happen; no true drama. But the Kinders were jumping beans today. I could blame it on weather, Wednesday, being indoors too much today, first day of fall around the corner, anticipating their first watercolor use, or shorter days. But WHY doesn’t matter. What matters is that a dozen small persons couldn’t even pay enough attention to repeat after me. They couldn’t keep their hands off their tools, or each other, or other students’ artwork. They had no idea what the directions were, or that I was giving them.

This was clearly NOT a learning environment!

I only get a half hour with these little guys, but I just hung a pin in the plans and called them all to the center with my stern teacher voice (a rarely used option), and we had a come-to-Jesus meeting. Inattentive students who can’t follow directions do NOT get to watercolor!

Once they were focused, we returned to the tables to finish patterns on our African tortoises, and guide the two who had missed last week through a tortoise. Gathering their paints to head to the gym to watercolor them nearly got the privilege lost, but they got a grip on themselves. Goodness! I really wanted them to learn HOW to use their watercolor with me before their classroom teacher had to use them, so I asked her for an extra 15 minutes, since so much time had been lost to practicing our self-control. She considered our time well-spent, and fully supported it!

Things went so much better once they got to dive into their much-anticipated paints. And I love the results!! Thanks to Deep Space Sparkle for the original lessons.

watercolor pattern turtle

another turtley example

How cute is that? More turtle-love can be found in their Artsonia soon!


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