Learning What NOT to Do

Today I put myself out there. Our school’s sponsor church had a fundraiser today, a biscuit and gravy breakfast and bake sale. See my friends slaving over a hot stove for the school?

cooking up funds

cooking up funds

They offered gym space to arts-n-crafters to set up booths at no charge. It seems very rare that artists can have a venue to show their art for free (other than galleries, which is above my station). So I took up some paintings and made some ink and watercolor cards I thought might appeal, some especially with my students in mind. I figured, hey, what have I got to lose? It’s not like folks will throw rotten tomatoes. Or even gravied biscuits. Go for it!

my little art corner

The mouse canvas is a new one. It’s the first I’ve tried with a dark background, which I found quite challenging. Also, I had a lot of trouble getting a good photo. I had already varnished it, and I think that was part of my problem, but the rest was an inability to get my dinky little camera to turn off the flash. I finally took it outside in the sunshine and laid it on the sidewalk. Very uneven lighting or painting? Inside, it seems much more even. I don’t know.

The God Who Sees

The cards are on a paper that is a little too light, really. I got the cards in the scrapbook section, and I figured it would be good with all the collaging they do, but it was really best for only dry media, and all mine are pen and watercolor. They buckled a bit, but they are still cute. I was surprised that none sold. A few I offered:

fall colors

bunny lunch


I am inclined to say it would definitely not be worth paying to get a booth at an arts and crafts fair.



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