Would a rose really smell as sweet if named skunk cabbage?

Could I say “This post which we have titled thus by any other name would be as interesting”?

Maybe not.

I am persuaded that my titles shouldn’t be done on the fly anymore. If I’m pressed for time, I should just wait. And since I’ve noticed that certain times seem to result in a much smaller viewer number, it could be a 24-hour wait. But WAIT.

This bit of wisdom was acquired on the post formerly known as “A Learning Environment.” Yes, that post was written on a particularly busy day. You might even call it a rather stressful day. The title seemed to summarize the main point of the post, and beyond that, little thought was put into it. Upon reflection, it might have been a little…dry. Perhaps even a tad Saharan. Ok, I admit it: the post title was astringent enough to suck the juice right out of a large watermelon, leaving nothing but a green powder. The post itself I (biased though I may be) considered somewhat entertaining, and the kindergarten artwork is beyond adorable. But from the title you could easily have expected something straight from the keyboards of education bureaucracy.

The result? I can’t remember the last time I had a post so actively ignored. Crickets could be heard chirping in the silence of its impact. Even posting at 11pm is more likely to get views than this dryly titled post. But does it deserve its fate? I say, “NO!” How cruel would I be to leave it so titled?

So, in my boundless mercy and compassion, I shall rechristen it. After much consideration (this time), I name thee “The Victorious Struggle for Adorable Turtles.” Ha! Now THAT’s a juicy title!


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