A wedding gift for…


My college freshman daughter is a library page, and has two co-workers who are getting married. They met at the library, and they are getting married at the library. I get the impression they LOVE the library. My girl needed a wedding gift for the couple, but as a teen college student with a car payment, funds are a little tight. So I volunteered to make a gift. This is what I came up with:


The bride and groom’s names are incorporated as titles, with their new joint last name as well. I considered giving just this, but I had originally planned it with a watercolor wash, and so I shoved aside the scaredy-cat, color-shy part of me and dove in.

books with watercolor wash

The couple aren’t Believers, but they are appreciative of Western Civilization and good literature, so I didn’t think they would be offended if I sought to put a blessing over their new lives together. I added, in very small print, two lines on the spine of the last book: “These three things remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

We framed the artwork, and it was gifted at a shower tonight. I hope they enjoy it for a lifetime.



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3 responses to “A wedding gift for…

  1. myriah

    You know, I really think this is just very beautiful. I wish I could have seen it with the verse.

  2. This is a beautiful idea! My husband and I just got married and we would’ve loved something like this!

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