Our First Regatta!

My daughter coxed her first Novice 8 rowing race in Oklahoma City Saturday, and THEY WON! Woohoo! Go Cats! It was a new experience all around. I was almost taken aback at the near-elegance of the event. I’ve attended swim meets, wrestling meets, baseball and football games. This was my first regatta, and it was certainly different.

Sponsors were flown on banners gracing the whole area.

There was an entire children’s festival area, for a $5 wristband, with rock climbing and a zip line and all kinds of entertainment. There was a vendors’ village as well, and it carried proof of how upscale this sport truly is: the car raffle wasn’t just for any ol’ car; it was for a Porsche. Really, people? Like I could risk paying windfall taxes on a Porsche?

rock wall and bouncy thing

It was a PERFECT sunny day, and we sat awhile across from the Jumbotron. Classy, right?!

Watching the river across from the Jumbotron.

Explaining the course to us

I really admired the beautiful suits and oars of (we think) the SMU team (my heart still lives in Texas). Teams were from all over, including Stanford. They were also hosting an international race, with the US, China, Germany and Italy. Very pretty everywhere, but also very Caucasian. Rowing apparently has a limited appeal.

Lone Star rowers

But the best part was when my oldest daughter was on the water! We watched the race from the bridge.

My daughter the coxswain, littlest boater in the white hat, with no oar.

They were way out in front! Their final time was a minute and 20 seconds ahead of the second boat, and faster than some of the varsity 8s.

Not even close!

We were so excited!

Bringing in the boat

I am really glad we got to share her victory with her! May God grace her with many more.


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