Out of Africa

Tomorrow we will be completely finished with Africa, which actually took longer than I had planned. I suspect dilly-dallying. Anyway, here is the hall display, with a couple of spots left for another torn-paper giraffe or two, ready for parents coming in for conferences next week. Both levels of weaving are included, but the African tortoises are on the Kinder line in the room. The walls in the art room are strung with this quarter’s art, too. And no, thus far, I am not expected to stay for conferences. The grade strips I give classroom teachers to give out with their report cards give a breakdown of each project, with an E (exceeds project requirements), and M (meets them), P(progressing toward them), N (Needs Improvement), or U for unacceptable progress, to better interpret their students’ report card grade of S, with or without plusses or minuses.

Inspired by Africa



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