Two for One, almost

This past week we got a letter from our Compassion International sponsored child! When this happens, T and I are like the cast of Blues Clues. We have even been known to sing the “We just got a letter” song. We got to hear about rainy season for them, and see that it really does take two to three months to get a letter from there to here. And then, only a few days later, we got ANOTHER!! Woohoo! This was a thank you for our birthday present. This wasn’t only dictated, but also written in her native language, and it is amazingly beautiful. Just an artwork itself. We got to hear that she bought a dress and shoes, and the letter made it sound like they are now her only shoes. I mean, the translation requires a little translating itself, but that may well be the case, because she was definitely admiring her legs in shoes. I LOVE it! It is so perfectly an 8-year-old girl! My son and I felt like we had actually had an impact on someone’s life, to be able to provide them with their only pair of shoes. I hope she can tell that we are full of love for her from our letters. It is already time to wish her a Merry Christmas.

Letters from Pavithra


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