A Riot of Color

This past week or two all my classes have been doing projects to help them experience and develop their color mixing. Our artroom has exploded with bright colors, from our African works to now. Kindergarten made ginormous color mixed caterpillars. First/second grades are behind, but are about to start a color wheel hot air balloon. Third/Fourth mixed oil pastel umbrellas (that one worked better with the homeschool class, I think), and fifth/sixth did the abstract study. This is my board with some samples (I could really use a bigger bulletin board).

color board

an explosion of color!


Every once in a while a sudent project surprises me: I, rather than the students, get really engaged in it. I mean, I usually enjoy the student projects. Gee, if I don’t have fun, how can I expect the kids to? But occasionally, one draws me in even more than the kids. The fifth/sixth grade abstract tertiary color study has been one of those.

My fifth/sixth grade showed a good understanding of mixing tertiary colors; I was pleased with that. They had trouble with the conceptual part of assembling a balanced, cohesive composition. Not bad, though. I, however, have felt strangely compelled by mine. I sat it up on the mantle and ponder it, often. I wonder if I should extend the colors to the edges of the paper. Would it look better if it were black beyond the edges, like the grid lines? This was strangely fun. I would enjoy doing it over several different ways. I’d enjoy doing it again, on a canvas, with acrylic. I don’t think this artwork is done with me yet!

abstract tertiary color model


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