The Australian Mystery

Once upon a time there was a little blog. It was a humble, unpretentious little blog that aspired to document the bland little life and art of its owner. Oh, occasionally someone might wave upon passing, or even drop by for a quick visit, but it really had just a small group of friends.

But then the little blog mentioned Australia. And a few more visitors dropped by. Perhaps they told their friends. The little blog didn’t know how it happened, but suddenly it was twice as popular as before. Later it mentioned Africa, but few stopped by to check that out. It has covered many other topics. Still, searchers are obsessed with Australia. It’s a mystery.

In August I had 177 views. This was pretty typical. I also posted the Australia lesson plan models in August. In September I had 194 views. Normal. This month isn’t even over and I’ve welcomed 724 views, the vast majority of which were referred through searches for Australian aboriginal art. I find this interesting. It makes me wonder what people are really looking for, as if knowing, I could better help them find it. Maybe they would have benefited from all the research and websites I visited. Should I include more? Would they want HOW I taught the lesson? Why such an extraordinary interest in aboriginal art, and why drive it through my little blog? I tried to go back and link up all the related Australian blog pages, to make them easier to find, if they should care. I never wrote much for other folks, and this is an invisible, non-speaking audience; they’re harder to write for. I guess this is one mystery that won’t likely be solved.


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